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The Mango wood used for the home accessories comes from the city of Jodhpur (Rajasthan). Jodhpur is a city in northwestern India. Since its founding in 1459, Jodhpur has grown into a trading center thanks to its convenient location for all kinds of goods, including timber. The people in Jodhpur live from trade and handicrafts (source: The purchase of the wood for our products will therefore undoubtedly support them financially.

Furthermore, the wood has the FSC quality mark, which means that every felled tree is replaced by a newly planted tree.

The photo shows how the wood arrives at the factory.


The metal used to make the products comes from the state of Gujarat, in western India. This too has been a major trading place since ancient times. It is easy to reach for traders and there is a wide choice of good raw materials and products.


Deco Heart cares about sustainability in the entire production of the goods. This means that Deco Heart ensures that the production and materials that are used do not affect the environment and that the future of the industry is safeguarded.

productie handgemaakte huis accessoires




Production starts after the raw materials have been transported to the factory.


The iron wire is connected by skilled craftsmen. This construction, together with the welding to fix the iron, makes for very sturdy products. Subsequently, to prevent the rusting process, a so-called conversion layer consisting of phosphates is applied. This makes the metal almost completely rust-free and the product can be kept for a lifetime.

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The Coil Collection is finished with a black powder coating (powder coatings). The powder is much stronger than regular paint and is applied in an electrostatic process. Powder is sprayed on the metal by means of static electricity and compressed air. The powder will temporarily stick and will permanently adhere to the metal by contacting it with high temperatures in the furnace.


The wood has a natural finish, allowing it to participate in the circular economy: the wood can be recycled again to make another product.


The design is based on the industrial Dutch factories from the 19th century. This gives the product a sturdy look and ensures that it fits into almost any interior.



The products are nicely cleaned in the last step. A final quality check takes place and the products are sent via the port of Mumbai and the port of Rotterdam to our storage in Vianen.

The products are then delivered to your home after ordering!

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COIL Collection

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Storage in Vianen (NL)

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Due to the fact that the products are handmade, it sometimes happens that products do not pass the inspection, because there is a mistake.

However, we do not throw these products away! We get the best out of rejected products. The people in the factory break down the product and make the wood usable for new products. The wood is therefore circular!



The Indian craftsmen who make our beautiful products have 20 years of experience in this industry.


They work Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. In the factory, it is ensured that workers are completely safe by means of safe tools and protective clothing and that they have access to the necessary equipment.


In addition, there is a monthly moment when the workers can share their feedback with the management. Their wishes are a priority in the company. There is also a place where workers can ask their questions and get in touch with someone who helps them.


Finally, respect is an important aspect in the factory. We appreciate the work of the craftsmen with their talent and skills at all times!


For more information about Deco Heart, see Discover Deco Heart .

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